Welcome to a retrospective of my artwork  
I am an artist and stained glass designer; a graduate of the Royal College of Art who has had a long career as a university lecturer in Fine Art and Media Arts. In my visual artwork, whatever the medium or form it takes, there is an element of storytelling.  I like to think things through as stories because in stories we can juxtapose fact with conjecture, interpretion with exaggeration, and subjectively remember the traces left by people, events and ideas.  My aim has always been to make images that are visually stimulating, and to intrigue and amuse the viewer by encouraging the possibilities of multiple and alternative interpretations.

Many of the artworks belong to a series or group in which similar ideas have been explored and developed.  Quite often I start by asking  “what if” about something that interests me, for example, something from the accumulated items on my "mental mantlepiece", a collection of references that has been randomly accumulated over my lifetime.  The starting point may be a place, either imagined or real, an idea, say about architecture or perhaps a notion about scale.  I like to think that the visual artwork I produce becomes part of, and the most recent contribution to, a wider shared story.

I have always doodled, especially on the edges of the reams of memos and documents that passed my salaried way.  Usually I start making an image by intuitively drawing, using pencil, water based crayons or gouache, editing as I go.  Shadows and glimpses of things, places and events appear to me as I work that form part of a narrative in my head helping the image on its way.  To where?   Well, I can't predict your interpretation of what you see, but I know where the image has been, the route it has travelled. Mine is just a singular version of  each artwork's story, what you see and think belongs only to you.


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